The museum is open
Every day from mid-March to late October
From 10:30 to 13.00 and from 13.30 to18:30

During your visit, you will see:

The presentation of photographic panels comprising pictures.

 - The casino before and during the war, as well as local resistance,

- Training commandos to ACHNACCARY,

 - Presentation of original photographic documents about the visit Feldmarshall E. Rommel en Normandie in Normandy

 - Landing and significant anniversaries that followed,

 - The junction of paratroopers and commandos of the 6th Airborne Division PEGASUS BRIDGE.


The presentation of various models including two retracing the mission of the 177 French commandos Kieffer in Ouistreham.


  The presentation showcases which house uniforms, weapons (Lee-Enfield, Sten, Thompson, PIAT, Mauser, Schmeisser, PAK 37 mm, Goliath, ...) , British and German equipments, authentic and used.

The evocation of raids and the list of the 177 commandos who landed on 6 June 1944.